susanne baumgartner 1963, swiss

“Finding a likeness in disconnected objects” – the specific photographic views of Susanne Baumgartner could hardly be described more accurately. Highly individual discovers the photographer in the streets things, relationships, resonances, echoes that nobody has ever seen, despite its ordinariness. Through her eyes, the seen and visible world transforms. The centering, pre-stamped by our thinking and perception schemata consider is dethroned. It is replaced by a decentralized vision that does not feel bound to the functional relationships of our world, but fragments brings into play another and generates imaginary dialogues and reflections. A waiting replaced by an equal dressed mannequin a double, a telephony render seems to refer to a distant person his interlocutor, an interconnected speaking couple gets into a road barrier echoed. In the pictures of Susanne Baumgartner, the world is not a once and for all as it is, but open to what it could be. For the viewer this means photographic view that he has to learn his part, productively to see – to make viewing habits behind and decipher images, how to read a book: through art, to create internal images and meaning of signs.

Lucius Sombre



2018     group-exhibition, south x southeast photogallery, molena, gerorgia, usa
2017     group-exhibition, wayne stark galleries at texas a&m university, college station, tx
2017     group-exhibition, odessa college options gallery, odessa tx, usa

2017     group-exhibition, the center for contemporary arts, abilene, tx, usa
2017     solo-exhibition, gastfeld, bremen, deutschland
2015     group-exhibition, galerie am gurten, bern
2015     group-exhibition, bad laasphe, deutschland
2014     solo-exhibition, bern galerieJ14
2013     solo-exhibition gastfeld, bremen, deutschland
2013     group-exhibition, miami street photography festival at the miami art basel 13


2017     finalist, texas photograpic society, for tps: 26. international competition
2015     winner at the 10th Annual Black & White Spider Awards
2014     nominee at the 9th Annual Black & White Spider Awards
2014     international street photography award, main award commended black&white
2013     finalist www.miamistreetphotographyfestival.org


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